Turning a Sad Story Around

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Invisible hands tickled the air above my head and a shiver of anticipation passed through me. Knowledge settled deep inside my forehead, between my eyes. My heart opened wide and I was engulfed with pure love.

I hardly had time to recognize what was happening before the phone began to ring. I answered, and heard a kind, distraught voice on the other end talking about the mules that needed us, but the knowledge and love were humming in my ears. I didn’t need the details.

The energy took residence in my throat and out popped the words, “Yes. We will take both of them.”

The voice on the other end of the line stumbled a bit, “You will?”

“Yes. We will help them. Tell me the rest now.” Out poured the sad story.

The two mules were purchased by Bright Futures Farm in June 2010 moments before they were slated to be shipped for slaughter. A series of rescues and sanctuaries took them in and shipped them back out when they realized how deeply their “issues” ran. The male, whom they call John, is what we call “fear aggressive”. If he feels cornered, he will kick or bite. The female, called Lillian, just runs. They are frightened of humans, and are believed to have been abused. Some people describe them as almost feral.

It never helps to dwell on the details. All of that is over now. The mules need love and understanding, and we will provide it. It is simple, really.

Bright Futures Farm could not keep them, and had no luck finding them a safe haven. They had given up hope and concluded that the pair would have to be euthanized when an Indraloka Animal Sanctuary friend and supporter suggested that they contact us.  We will help these traumatized mules conquer their fears to live a peaceful, joyful life.


For a moment, I slipped into practical concerns. We care for over 100 animals here, many with special needs, and yet we are still relatively new in the public eye. Things are tight, and funds are always needed. Bringing on two more large animals will be a challenge.

“No worries, we’ll take care of them. They won’t be afraid anymore. We’ll do some fundraising to pay for their care.”

We know there are countless people out there with big hearts, who love animals. We need your help reaching them. So, please use the link below to give what you can, and please help us to spread the word by forwarding our newsletter or blog and sharing the donation link on social media.

Together, we will turn their story around.

Help Abused Mules Find Safe Sanctuary


One thought on “Turning a Sad Story Around

    Herma Lahiri Carpediem said:
    March 1, 2012 at 1:35 am

    We here in India, Munnar Carpe Diem Education Trust, wish John and Lily well! We hope they settle in soon and will loose their fear and anger. There is no better place in the world for them to be.


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